Streets & Highways Products

  • Turn compacted ice or earth to rubble

    the Ultramech Arctic Shark S Series fractures ice on roadways for more efficient removal and reduced usage of de-icing chemicals.

  • Energy-efficient, versatile luminaires

    Use Aphos LED roadway luminaires for both indoor and outdoor applications, including warehouses, parking garages, parking lots and facades. Type II, III and V optics are perfect for roadways, collector roads, service drives, and outdoor parking and area lighting.

  • Turf reinforcement mat

    The VMax W3000 high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) is a machine-produced mat.

  • Tunnel Lining Material

    FireMaster FireBarrier 135 is a concrete tunnel lining fire protection and the fire protection of ventilation shafts, escape tunnels and refuges as well as critical systems such as water mains and communication cables.

  • Presto strong, lightweight construction mats

    Presto Geosystems GEOTERRA GTO construction mats are made from high-density polyethylene and offer a high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • BOSS Snowplow adds box plow models

    BOSS Snowplow adds 14- and 16-ft box plows with a new adjustable hitch fork system that easily attaches to any size tractor loader bucket.

  • Solar Bright visual warning system

    The PATeye visual warning system alerts motorists to icy road conditions. The company is seeking early adopter agencies interested in evaluating the technology.

  • Portable pavement reclamation attachment

    Attach this to a backhoe loader to pulverize, reclaim, and reuse pavement for pothole patching, backfill, and other full-depth reclamation applications.

  • Tractor-mounted material grinder

    The RSL 150 grinds asphalt, gravel, and rock, and stabilizes soil for road and roadside projects.

  • Spray-injection patcher

    Clean pavement with compressed air, apply tack coat, spray-inject emulsion/aggregate mix, finish with dry aggregate, and open the road.

  • Slurry sealer, microsurfacer

    M310 ties together all aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water, additive, and fines material ratios.

  • Rubber tire paver

    Cedarapids CR552 attacks full-width applications like airports, interstate highways, and state and local roads.

  • Final Tier 4 motor graders

    G-Series Motor Graders have been updated with PowerTech engines.

  • Energy-efficient trenching tool

    Rolling Wedge Cutter pulls rather than blasts asphalt and concrete apart.

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    High Sierra + Road-weather monitoring

    The company’s road-weather monitoring and management systems include the High-Water Alert Lifesaving Technology (HALT), which uses flashing lights and automatic barrier gates to warn drivers of flooded roads.

  • US Foundry and Mfg + custom manhole covers

    Municipalities interested in custom covers for manholes can choose from a broad range of designs featuring logos, text, mascot images, or other unique features that characterize the city, town, or county.

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    Smith Mfg + Surface preparation equipment

    The company’s range of equipment helps municipalities maintain and manage walkways, roads, and other pavements.

  • SealMaster/ThorWorks + Pavement coatings

    The company offers a broad range of pavement coatings and equipment. Products include pavement sealer, pavement patch, crack fillers, and crack sealants.

  • Road Kare Intl + Traffic calming

    The company offers traffic-calming devices made of recycled rubber, including speed bumps, humps, cushions, and tables.

  • Bonsal American + Guardian AE asphalt pavement sealer

    Guardian AE is a low-VOC, water-based coating with 100% asphalt emulsion thatl increases pavement’s durability and lengthens its useful life. Suitable for any asphalt surface.


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