Stormwater Management

  • Retrofitting interchange infields to meet stormwater requirements

    Research in at least four states indicates that repurposing interchange infields can help meet post-construction stormwater management requirements.

  • Transportation's stormwater challenge

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Here are three strategies for leveraging what permit partners have already implemented.

  • No environmental permitting necessary!

    The most recent highway bill directed U.S. DOT to list projects that don’t require full National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review. These new categorical exclusions (CEs)  offer excellent partnering opportunities for highway and rail projects.

  • Buyers beware: Road salt prices are way up

    Communities report prices for the winter-operations necessity are almost 50% higher.

  • APWA Top 10 Leader Daniel Woldesenbet talks technology

    American Public Works Association's 2014 Top 10 Leaders share their favorite on-the-job technologies: Daniel Woldesenbet, Oakland, Calif.

  • The soil is screened 5 to 10 times to remove debris such as concrete, asphalt, and scrap metal.

    The spoils of soil recovery

    A soil recycling program launched by one public works department is spreading to others, moving the city slowly but surely toward landfilling 80% less waste by 2020.

  • DOT uses pervious concrete for parking lot expansion

    Supporting mobility and minimizing environmental impacts, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is installing pervious pavement systems at two park and ride lots in Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties.

  • Bratislava has seen its share of war and conflict; this manhole cover dates back just 20 years, after it became the capital of the newly formed Slovak Republic.

    Manhole masterpieces

    Manhole covers serve a very important function in protecting and allowing access to underground infrastructure. Cities and agencies around the globe often elevate these humble hunks of metal into works of art.

  • Sweeper types in descending order of popularity

    Specify the technology that meets your debris removal, maneuverability, and off-loading needs.

  • US Foundry and Mfg + custom manhole covers

    Municipalities interested in custom covers for manholes can choose from a broad range of designs featuring logos, text, mascot images, or other unique features that characterize the city, town, or county.

  • Advanced Drainage Systems purchases FLEXSTORM

    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) has acquired Inlet & Pipe Protection, Inc., manufacturer of FLEXSTORM storm water inlet filters.

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    Products from 2012 APWA Congress exhibitors

    More produts from the APWA Congress show floor

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    The greenest street in Chicago

    Each spring, large quantities of dissolved nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorous) are transported from the upper Midwest into what is called the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone — an oxygen-deficient area that grows to approximately 8,000 square miles each year and cannot support marine life.

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    Friends Indeed

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    Holey Success

    Paving more than 220 miles of dirt roads with porous asphalt keeps traffic in a Florida county moving.

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    Porous pavements move stormwater efficiently

    Porous asphalt pavements with stone recharge beds are rapidly gaining popularity as major components of a storm-water management system. These pavement/stormwater systems are designed to reduce peak and total volume of runoff and also are effective in removing total suspended solids.

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    Pervious pavement naturally absorbent

    Pervious pavement is a design alternative that allows water to percolate through the pavement structure and into underlying soils—an achievement that directly conflicts with even lecture on traditional pavement design delivered in universities across the country.


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