The tall flared wings throw snow at a high and wide angle to provide exceptional snow-throwing action, while an integrated snow catcher keeps snow from spilling over the top. The plows have double-acting angle cylinders that push and pull the wings forward and back even under the heaviest snow loads, and can also hold the wings firmly in place for optimal back dragging. A large, 1.25-inch center pin adds toughness where it’s needed most, and, unlike other plows on the market, it is ideally positioned to make the plow completely flat when in straight blade mode, greatly enhancing snow rolling capability.

A responsive direct lift system delivers fast reaction time to quickly reposition the plow. The system includes a massive cylinder that provides a wide range of motion, lifting power and high stacking performance. Whether the plow is in scoop, angle or straight blade position, an independent trip edge protects the plow, truck and operator when encountering obstacles.

The Automatixx power-assisted attachment system provides quick and easy plow hook-up, and allows everything to be hooked up from one side of the truck. The self-aligning removable receiver brackets provide additional ground clearance when setting up.

Users can choose between the POWER GRIP hand-held control with backlit buttons or a compact joystick control. Both controls feature power “on” and float LED lights and are compatible with our FLEET FLEX technology, an electrical system that provides complete fleet interchangeability between other SnowEx plows. A wide variety of accessories are available including wings, shoes, back drag edges, thicker cutting edges, and deflectors.


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