SnowEx Bulk Pro Spreaders
SnowEx Bulk Pro Spreaders

The new SnowEx Bulk Pro spreaders are equipped with updated controls for enhanced functionality and more flexible installation. Offering hopper capacities of 5.25 and 9 cubic feet, respectively, the SP-1575 and SP-1875 two-stage spreaders can handle bulk materials, such as bulk (unbagged) salt, straight sand or sand/salt mixtures, making them ideal for professional snow and ice contractors who maintain roads, parking lots and driveways.

A redesigned electrical system with fewer wires makes the control less obtrusive in the cab and gives users more configuration options when mounting. This innovative control allows for both independent spinner speed and flow volume calibration.

Spread width is variable up to 30 feet on the SP-1575 and up to 40 feet on the SP-1875. A digital system status display and audible warning protection are also integrated into the control. Featuring intuitive LED indicator lights and a digital diagnostic display, the control also has auxiliary functionality that allows any accessories plugged into the spreader to be easily controlled from the cab.

The SP-1575 comes with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch and 3-point mount. Meanwhile, a newly enhanced universal pivot mount available as an option for the SP-1875 allows the spreader to swing away from the tailgate for convenient access to the truck bed. The pivot mount’s ability to adjust for varying heights, widths and styles allows it to cater to a wide range of pickup trucks and other vehicles.

Constructed of high-density, lightweight polyethylene, the hopper has a low-profile design that keeps the vehicle’s rear window unobstructed and allows for increased operator visibility and safety.

Each model’s system has two stages, consisting of an auger and spinner, to ensure a positive, steady feed of material, eliminating the clogging and flow problems associated with other auger systems. Additionally, the patented inverted “V” baffle with standard vibrator further facilitates bulk material movement. With no belts, pulleys or chains, downtime is minimized. Mounted in a weather-tight enclosure, the direct-drive system is built to last with a dual-revolutionary, maximum-torque transmission.


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