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Liquid deicing attachment

The AccuSpray self-contained liquid deicing attachment fits on the company's SnowEx V-Maxx 8500 V-box bulk spreader. The product lets the user pre-wet material before spreading, or spray deicer directly onto the pavement. It comes with dual-rotary, multi-position nozzles with various spray pattern options. A 75-gallon tank is standard; optional saddle tanks can increase capacity to as much as 375 gallons. TrynEx International.

Automatic tire chains

These chains are moved into position automatically with the flip of a switch, as the vehicle is in motion. On each tire, six lengths of chain spaced at 60-degree intervals rotate to ensure there are always two chains between the tire and road surface. When turned off, the product returns to its resting position. OnSpot of North America.

Large-volume plow

The REL plow is a heavy-duty blade designed for large-volume snow removal jobs—city streets and highways, parking lots, airports, and other big applications. The product has four trip canisters and stands 58 inches tall. Henke Manufacturing Inc.

Pavement temperature sensor

The SSI Surface Patrol mobile sensor measures pavement and ambient temperatures. The product—mounted outside a vehicle—detects possible freezing conditions and other road-surface factors, enabling the user to make decisions about when and what type of deicers are called for. Quixote Surface Systems Div.

Snow-fighting attachments

The company offers a range of snow- and ice-fighting attachments for its line of tractors. An anti-icing system provides precision application of liquids, using a tank installed over the machine's engine. A rear-mounted sander leaves the front hitch free to attach other tools. Also available are angled and V plows, and various snowblowers. HOLDER of North America.


Enviro-Mlt liquid ice melter, with a freezing point below -50º F, is environmentally safe and easy to use. It can be applied to sidewalks, roads, steps, parking lots, walls, and other areas subject to heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Midwest Industrial Supply Inc.

Sweeper attachments

These wafer sections and high-speed cassette sections attach to sweepers for snow- and ice-fighting applications. The wafer sections are tough and durable enough to deliver a long operating life. The high-speed cassette sections are designed to be easy to change, which saves money and reduces downtime. United Rotary Brush.

Wheel-to-track vehicle

The Cameleon compact vehicle can be changed easily from a four-wheel-drive articulated vehicle to a track vehicle. The aluminum cab includes a high degree of visibility and comfort, with integrated heat, air conditioning, and a CD player. It works at up to 18 mph, and it is powered by a 140-hp Caterpillar engine. RPM Tech.

Super-duty plow

The Super-Duty XT comes in widths up to 9 feet, with a ½ x 8-inch cutting edge offering longer wear than conventional edges. The product offers a high-performance hydraulic package, baked-on powder-coat paint, dual shock absorbers with four trip-return springs, and a chainless lifting system. THE BOSS Snowplow.

Mobile data collection

DATA commander offers automated collection of vehicle route information, including medium- to heavy-duty spreader plow trucks. The product lets users collect and apply information to maximize the efficiency of their snow fleet operation, and to ensure granular and liquid deicing chemicals are applied where and when needed the most. FORCE America.