The independent moldboard sections move independently, allowing each section to shift up and down in response to uneven pavement or obstacles. The light-duty models, designed for compact equipment and backhoes, feature pushers up to 13-feet wide. The heavy-duty line offers pushers up to 17-feet wide for full-sized wheel loaders. Each pusher features a Hardox 450 steel cutting edge that scrapes cleanly down the pavement, if obstacles are encountered only a single section of the pusher is lifted off the ground.

The new pushers also provide additional advantages that help snow contractors keep operating costs down:

· Plowing an area cleanly on the first pass helps reduce the need for secondary passes, ultimately allowing the work to be done faster and with less wear and tear on the machine/pusher.

· The ability for the leading edge of the pusher to “trip” over obstacles helps prevent equipment damage, and can also help reduce instances of property damage.

· Removing more snow and ice on the first pass can also significantly reduce salt use, saving additional costs in labor and resources.

· If a section becomes damaged, that single modular section can be replaced instead of replacing the whole pusher, a significant cost savings.

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