The lane control spinner chute reduces ground water contamination, by aiming the spread pattern exactly where it is needed and saves fuel by providing more efficient road coverage.

Designed specifically for 9-foot and larger SaltDogg hydraulic spreaders, the independent cab control of the spinner chute provides lane control from inside the cab. An LED lane indicator on the controller displays the spreader position for greater user control. The controller provides three material distribution options (lane 1, lane 2 and lane 3), which save material by allowing the user to apply material where it is needed most.

“This new lane control spinner chute not only makes operators’ jobs easier, but saves material by enabling it to be applied where it is most needed,” said Dave Zelis, director of sales and marketing at Buyers Products. “It also helps to save fuel by providing efficiencies with road coverage.”

The chute height can be adjusted to accommodate various mounting heights. A gas spring assist helps store and position the chute with minimal operator effort.

Buyers Products Co

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