Documentation is the No. 1 way to defend a public agency’s response during a snow or ice storm. Like many things, though, finding the time and expertise to develop a well-thought-out winter-operations maintenance plan is difficult.

That’s why the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) partnered with the Salt Institute (publisher of The Snowfighter’s Handbook since 1967) to develop an online app that enables a single employee write one in one to two days.

The program walks the user through 14 categories of considerations such as:

  • Route development and implementation
  • Public notification systems
  • Emergency-management communications
  • Equipment maintenance, repair, and fueling
  • Materials and application procedures
  • Parking ordinances and public relations
  • Safety

Almost 90 of Ontario’s 440 agencies are using the program since its introduction in July 2013. OGRA is looking for other public works departments throughout North America to help refine the program. As incentive, they can participate for FREE this year.

The program uses the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers.

If interested, e-mail OGRA Member Services/OPS Coordinator Fahad Shuja, P.Eng., at