With cold weather season upon most of the country, now is the time to explore cold weather concrete paving. This webinar will cover the effects of cold and freezing weather on concrete in the short- and long-term, as well as tips and techniques for successful paving in cold conditions. The webinar will cover hydration and how to achieve it; the use of special concrete mixtures; tips for insulating fresh concrete; and other keys to cold-weather paving. This is an important topic for contractors, agencies, and consultants, as well as for “seasoned” veterans and new personnel alike.

The American Concrete Pavement Association will award a certificate of completion that may be used for company credit and/or 1.0 professional development hour (PDH). Participants interested in earning PDH’s are responsible for determining the applicability of any training programs toward licensing requirements in their respective state/province. This program is oriented toward jurisdictions that allow self-reporting for licensure purposes. Participants are strongly advised to check the applicability of this training along with other reporting requirements in advance of taking this course.

Government Employees: There is no charge for government employees, but those interested in the webinar must register with ACPA. Please contact Debbie Becker ( dbecker@acpa.org | 847.423.8710). This is applicable only to employees of federal, state/provincial, county, or township agencies, as well as the agencies/branches of the Department of Defense.

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