Sidewalks & Walkways

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    Revitalize This!

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends

    What to consider when installing detectable sidewalk warning surfaces.

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    Good Neighbors

    Los Angeles chief forester George Gonzalez believes sidewalks and trees are just as much a part of a city's infrastructure as a road, a water main, or a sewage pipe--but most cities don't realize the true worth of either. He thinks it's high time they did.

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    Curb appeal

    Discover the beauty and benefits of decorative pavement. By taking a decorative approach, cities do more than dress themselves up. They increase the visibility and awareness of crosswalks and bike paths, calm traffic without creating an eyesore, and revitalize neighborhoods and business districts...

  • Down & Dirty January 2007

    Brief items chronicling the unusual side of news for PUBLIC WORKS.

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    Getting to the root of the issue

    A Gardena, Calif., company has come up with a solution that helps sidewalks and trees coexist peacefully.

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    Ramping up

    While cities are working to make sidewalks more accessible, many are learning that their curb ramps don't comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This article, the second in a three-part series, discusses product options. Part three will cover real-world examples.

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    GIS Adds Curb Appeal

    The city of Austin developed a Pedestrian Master Plan to address compliance issues, using a custom GIS toolset called the Pedestrian Infrastructure Management System that scores sidewalks on ADA compliance, giving the city an efficient way to rank construction or maintenance needs.


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