The safety edge eliminates “tire scrubbing,” the phenomenon that causes drivers to lose control when re-entering traffic from the road’s shoulder. This FHWA-approved attachment mitigates this potential danger by creating a 30-degree slope at the road’s edge during paving.

Unlike safety edge devices that fit inside the screed, this company’s safety ddge mounts to the endgate of virtually every major screed manufacturer.

As a result, the attachment doesn’t interfere with the augers, prevent full closure of the extensions, or damage screed plates. Screed operators can quickly swap from one runner to the other without removing the entire endgate and transition from flat to 30 degrees by turning a jack.

The electric heating element evenly heats the attachment, improving asphalt extrusion and eliminating cold spots that would compromise edge density.

Michigan DOT Pavement Construction Engineer Curtis Bleech and a county road crew show how it works here:

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