Boasting a low, 21-PSI fully loaded ground contact pressure, the CR662RM can be used on all paving lifts, including the critical base layer, to virtually eliminate all forms of material and thermal segregation. the low-PSI rubber track machine does not cause rutting on the base layer, can cross bridges fully loaded and is transported to the jobsite like a 10-ft paver.

Replacing the traditional in-hopper slat delivery system, the improved Remix Anti-Segregation System delivery augers now feature hard-faced back sides to significantly increase wear life. The two sets of two variable-pitch, counter-rotating augers uniformly draw down material from inside the hopper to aggressively remix 100% of the asphalt to combat segregation at the jobsite. Auger pitch spacing transitions from 10 in at the front of the hopper to 12 in at the rear to quickly channel material to the transfer conveyor or screed.

When equipped as an MTV, the CR662RM’s 30-in wide conveyor offers a discharge height of 73.2 to 115.8 in for non-contact paving and swivels 55° left or right of center for off-set paving. For mainline paving, the CR662RM can be equipped with either the Stretch 20 or Fastach 10 screed and is capable of paving at widths reaching up to 30 ft.

BOMAG Americas, Inc

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