ArrMuls 1315 offers emulsion producers enhanced emulsion stability, while enabling faster paving for contractors.

Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is pleased to announce the launch of ArrMuls 1315 to the asphalt market. ArrMuls 1315 is an anionic slow-setting emulsifier that allows customers to produce emulsions with outstanding stability and pave roads faster and more efficiently.

ArrMuls 1315 is designed for multiple end-use applications, including tack coat, fog seal, pavement sealer, mixing-grade and industrial coatings. It’s best-in-class in producing dilute and non-dilute emulsions that remain stable during extended storage and after repeated pumping cycles.

“ArrMuls 1315 is new technology for customers who need an emulsifier chemistry that yields emulsions that not only remain stable during extended storage, but break and dry faster than the leading product,” states Ivann Harnish, Emulsifier Products Business Manager.

The new ArrMuls 1315 offers efficiency by being 70% active, requiring significantly lower dosage requirements and reducing freight expenses. The formula is also non-lignin based, which protects against biological growth that can result in emulsion foul odor issues. This new anionic emulsifier is compatible with most asphalt types, dry and wet compounding additives and most types of aggregate and granular materials.

Road Science, a division of ArrMaz

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