A ready-to-use mix you can pick up at Lowe’s and other retailers or buy by the truckload from the company.

The aggregate in Road Rescue is limestone rock asphalt. That’s limestone that’s naturally impregnated with 1% to 20% bitumen, which is why one 50-lb. bag covers 35% more area than competing products.

Limestone rock asphalt is found only in Texas. According to the manufacturer, the Texas DOT uses the product for new construction as well as repairs, with new roads built in layers like traditional asphalt mixes.

(Click here http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-fo/cmd/cserve/specs/2004/standard/s330.pdf for the agency’s specification 330 for crushed limestone rock asphalt pavement, type I, grade AA, cold mix.)

Sold at retailers like Lowe’s for roughly $13 to $16 per bag, or by truckload from the manufacturer, the cold-mix repair material can be applied in any weather and immediately opened to traffic.

Road Rescue Asphalt.

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