Cover installs in less than 15 min.

The Valve-Saver eliminates the need for underground adjustments for a simple overlay and reduces impact damage to the valve stack and manhole. It requires no hardware to install, and the quick-bonding urethane provides a flexible water-resistant seal to the existing road surface. Your utility's name and logo can be embossed on the cover. Utility Cover Systems LLC.

Peripheral vision expanded

The Goblin Peripheral Vision System is designed for anyone wearing a hard hat. The system's mirrors expand the wearer's peripheral vision and greatly improve safety in the work zone. It offers up to 180 degrees of peripheral vision and does not block forward vision. The mirrors are scratch-resistant and tinted to prevent glare. The product, which meets WAC 296 155 305 standards, features a “breakaway” system to prevent injury. Neuwaukum Industries Inc.

Dual-spray squeegee machine

The SP 300 Dual model is powered by a diesel engine, which comes standard. The machine's SandPumper II material pump-shifts to neutral when the wand or spray bar is shut off. It has an output of 75 gals./minute and a round tank design with true full-sweep agitation and rubber wiper blades. Also included is a 75-ft. hose and spray wand and an adjustable rear angling squeegee. SealMaster.

Monitor road assets without GIS

The geospatial Roadway Information Management Solution enables transportation agencies to manage their roadway infrastructure. Dashboards and easy-to-use Web portals allow managers to access information about projects, financials, and surface conditions. Intergraph.

Low-profile air vent

The Manhole Ventilation Passthru maintains and redirects air flow with minimal restrictions into manholes. It combines a low profile air vent, 90-degree elbow, and built-in mounting. The unit comes with a collapsible duct stored in a small storage bag that can be dropped down into the manhole with a quick release of the drawstring. The ducting is vinyl and polyester with PVC coating, and is heat-resistant up to 180° F. Allegro Industries.

Make sidewalks ADA-compliant

Precision Concrete Cutting has been removing trip hazards from uneven sidewalks and other concrete walkways across the nation for more than 18 years. Serving 19 states, PCC brings sidewalks in compliance with the ADA using a method that is more effective and less expensive than conventional scabblers and concrete grinders. Precision Concrete Cutting.

Saw pavement to nearly 8 in.

The Stone Saw Devil series of concrete saws includes vibration-reducing steel box-frame construction, ergonomically designed adjustable handles with padded handgrips and exclusive hip control bar, right/left cut versatility, and a noncorrosive dual-spray water system. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.