Ready-to-use liquid is designed to repair pavement that’s just beginning to deteriorate.

Asphalt begins losing maltenes – the resins and heavy oils that prevent oxidation – almost from the moment pavement is placed. Like sealers, rejuvenators are a type of surface treatment. However, they go a step further, adding maltene back to the asphalt to provide a durable wearing surface.

Ravel Check is a Gilsonite modified asphalt-based emulsion that infiltrates seams and cracks to “glue” asphalt and aggregate back together to near-new condition. Use on raveling asphalt, new slurry, or micro- and chip-sealed roadways and parking lots. The company claims one application staves off re-paving for up to five years. Application: spray, pour, or brush. One gallon covers approximately 100 sq. ft./11 sq. yds. Cure times vary, but generally the pavement can be reopened to traffic in two to four hours.

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