Snow-fighting applicator

The Xzalt Precision applicator delivers a 70:30 ratio of dry/liquid material on roadways and other pavement. It helps reduce salt usage and accelerates ice melt, applying material that produces less bounce and offers improved adhesion to surfaces. The directional spinner broadcasts material across one to three lanes. The FORCE America SSC6100 Spreader Control helps simplify use and offers advanced features such as pre-defined application settings.

Highway Equipment Co.
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Stormwater filter

The Jellyfish stormwater filter removes trash/debris, phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, and other materials from stormwater. During pretreatment, the device traps oil, trash, and debris outside the filtration zone; coarse particles settle to the sump, and a separator skirt protects cartridges from floatables contamination. The membrane filtration tentacles capture particles as small as 2 microns; it removes a high percentage of nutrients, metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria, and other particulate-borne pollutants. The high-surface-area membranes ensure long-lasting treatment.

Imbrium Systems
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Vehicle safety camera

The CVC500AHXL watertight mobile vehicle safety camera is a color device with audio capability and a large field of view. It features a multiple-sealed, injection-cast enclosure and a MIL-C-26482 Mi-Spec connector for reliable waterproof performance. The built-in thermostatically controlled heater delivers camera reliability in any climate. Viewing area is several feet to either side of the vehicle; at 60 ft. from the vehicle, it expands to 170 ft. wide. Stainless-steel mounting bracket, sunshield, and hardware are included.

Intec Video Systems Inc.
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Prebuilt sewer solution

The prebuilt Muffin Monster Manhole helps cities, counties, hospitals, condos, and other institutions deal with rags, trash, and debris clogging sewer lines and pump stations. The system includes a prebuilt fiberglass reinforced polyester manhole, grinder, guide rails, access ladder, inlet/outlet pipeline connections, and a manhole or hatch-type access lid. The low-speed, high-torque grinding turns troublesome solids into small particles that easily pass through sewer lines and pumps. The grinder handles flow up to 350,000 gallons/day. The 4-ft. circular manhole can be custom-built to depths up to 30 ft, with a hinged lockable lid or conical top.

JWC Environmental
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Asphalt paver

The Blaw-Knocks PF-150 commercial track paver is powered by an 85-hp Cummins diesel engine with an extended track design and WLE heavy-duty screed for excellent material consolidation and smoothness. The machine weight is 20,800 lbs., and it offers a hydraulic paving width — to a maximum of 16 ft. It's easy to service and intuitive to the operator

LBP Performance Paving
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Truck bed liner

This industrial-grade polymer coating offers a higher tensile strength than other liners on the market. The liner resists scratching, gouging, chemicals, and fading, and it creates a watertight seal without gaps, holes, or loss in cargo space. The custom-applied liner conforms precisely to the shape of any bed and is easy to clean and maintain.

LINE-X Protective Coatings
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Asset management software

The company offers software solutions to help public works agencies manage a variety of assets and systems. Instead of offering standard “out-of-the-box” products, company representatives work with agencies to come up with solutions that meet their specific needs. It can help manage water/stormwater systems, traffic signals, pavements, equipment, facilities, and parks; it also can handle GIS systems (with desktop and mobile components), and work orders.

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Compact sign kit

The Compact Sign System enables crews to mark a work zone in less than 20 seconds. The kit consists of the company's WindMaster sign stand, with kick release pins and a roll-up sign that has a single-trigger release.

MDI Traffic Control Products
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Online government auctions is an online government auction platform designed to help government agencies effectively sell surplus, forfeitures, and other items that are no longer needed. The free service gives agencies a high degree of exposure for items, matches buyers and sellers, and complies with government regulation surrounding asset surplus liquidation.

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Pipe foaming nozzle

This large pipe foaming nozzle is intended for applying sewer line root control agent into large-diameter pipes (from 24 in. to 72 in.) that also exhibit high flows. In cases where the skid is completely submerged, a field-adjustable, counter-weighted snorkel keeps the spray nozzle above the water. The skid and nozzle arrangement can easily fit through standard manhole openings and does not require manned entry for assembly.

Municipal Sales Inc.
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Trenchless training

The organization offers onsite training in a range of areas, including auger boring, CIPP design/installation, HDD, pilot tube microtunneling, pipe bursting, pipe jacking/ramming, sewer laterals rehab, and tunneling. Training sessions are delivered at sites around the country, including at various conference and exhibition events.

North American Society for Trenchless Technology
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Wide-span buildings

The F-Series line includes a broad range of clear- and wide-span buildings. Choose from widths ranging from 90 ft. to 130 ft. The 18-ft.-high, straight-side wall design allows for full clearance right up to the side wall of the building. The straight leg allows for a wide variety of “cladding” or finishing options on the side wall. The I-beam design allows easier customization.

Norseman Structures
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Pothole patcher

The B-1.5 hot-asphalt patcher is a compact unit that comes in versions running on gas, diesel, compressed natural gas, and propane. Built for a 19,000-lb. chassis, the product has a top capacity of 3 tons. The machine's small size enables users to fit into tighter places, enjoy better fuel economy, and take advantage of features also found on larger, more expensive machines. Choose from truck, trailer, and slip-in mounted asphalt patching systems from 1.5 yds. to 10 yds., and designs with emulsion spray systems.

PB Loader Corp.
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Vehicle exhaust removal

These exhaust-removal systems help shop managers improve the safety and cleanliness of garages and other facilities in which equipment creates harmful emissions. The products minimize the energy required to run air-handling systems, which saves on budget. The custom-built systems can be tailored to fit a wide range of working areas, from small (general working radius from 5 ft. to 10 ft.), medium (5 ft. to 20 ft.), large (20 ft. to 30 ft.) and larger. The intelligent control features include auto start mechanisms, automated dampers, variable-frequency drives, and other tools.

Plymovent North America
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Multipurpose work vehicle

The SW4S utility vehicle can work year-round in a wide range of environments and conditions. A microcontroller and color display manage the turbo diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission. Also, the machine features ergonomic controls and a safe, comfortable operator cab. Winter-fighting attachments include a plow blade, snow pusher, salt/sand spreader, and a V-plow; other attachments include angle broom, tiller, grader rake, power rake, articulated mower, cold planer, and pallet fork.

Prinoth Ltd
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LED work light

The SmithLight IN120LB battery-operated worklight is a bright LED-based product with a sealed battery that operates up to 30 hours on a single charge (recharge with either a 12-V vehicle or 120-V wall adapters). The weather- and dustproof light is rugged enough to withstand tough environments, and has an adjustable light head that enables the wide beam to be directed to reach difficult spots.

ProBuilt Professional Lighting
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Touchless public restrooms

The company offers technology that helps facilities managers stop surface absorbency inside restrooms to prevent odor buildup. It also makes door handles, flush valves, and other stainless surfaces antimicrobial, and treats toilet seats with antimicrobial impregnations to help make them safe. The treated features will maintain their antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties for 50 years.

Public Restroom Co.
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Frame/chassis protection

Armour-Seal undercoating enables public agencies to protect trucks and equipment with material applied in-house. The product encapsulates the truck frame and chassis components, including diesel tanks, poil pans, brake cables, and wiring harnesses, guarding them from rust and corrosion damage due to salt and chlorides used to fight snow and ice. The material is applied with the company's air-operated Pistol-Grip spray gun; no mixing is required.

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Traffic-calming devices

The Road Kop line of traffic-calming devices helps slow vehicles to managed speeds without causing obstruction to emergency response and service teams. The C-1000 series speed cushion is 78 in. wide, enabling service vehicles to pass over easily while slowing down noncommercial vehicles. The devices are made of durable rubber can be installed quickly and easily; the embedded directional markings never require repainting. The line also includes speed bumps/tables, flexible curbing, ramp delineators, wheel stops, and other products.

Road Kare International
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Roadway drainage

The company's line of trench drains increase road safety by minimizing ponding and sheeting, handle challenges of fast-moving traffic, and avoid the need for multiple grades on a road project. The HD200 HighwayDrain offers excellent hydraulics due to its 8-in. internal width and large intake slots. Further, the product safely withstands dynamic loads.

ACO Polymer Products Inc
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Solar LED lighting

The Traverse LED lighting fixture offers architectural appeal as well as function. Users can choose from LED wattages in 30-W, 60-W and 150-W lumen packages; each can be customized to maximize the highest lumens for the lowest wattage. An optional 23-W cold-weather battery backup, which is good for up to 90 minutes, is available.

Hubbell Lighting
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Vehicle air compressor

The RAPTAIR60 is a stand-alone diesel-drive air compressor that delivers 60 cfm at 100 psi. With intelligent digital controls, the duty-cycle unit turns itself on and off in response to air tool demand, which contributes to reduced idling and fuel costs and creates a high environmental profile. Further, it can power items such as a 60-lb. jackhammer or 1.25-in. impact wrench. The compact unit weighs 450 lbs.

VMAC - Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors
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Multipurpose tarps

The association offers a broad range of tarps for trucks and trailers, waste containers, athletic fields, and other applications. The website includes a free online quoting service where customers can request pricing for tarps of different sizes and use; requests for quotes are then sent out to association member companies.

Tarp Assn.
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Truck service jack

The Scorpion TJ12EXT is intended for lifting heavy trucks. The rugged jack is made of high-grade steel, precision-machined inner workings, powder-coat paint, and zinc-plated components. Dual hydraulic cylinders work in tandem to lift more than 12 tons; the device is controlled via a remote handle assembly. Four spring-loaded caster assemblies give the jack smooth motion, even over rough terrain.

Stan Design Inc.
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LED luminaires

The company offers luminaires and LED lighting products that improve the energy efficiency of lighting applications without sacrificing aesthetics. Clients can choose from traditional styles, or work with the company to create custom designs. Because the company maintains its own foundry, it maintains tight schedules and delivers quick turnaround when needed.

Spring City
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