Presto Geosystems GEOTERRA GTO construction mats are made from high-density polyethylene and offer a high strength-to-weight ratio.

GEOTERRA GTO meets the industry needs for a fast deployment construction mat and is ideal for tempo-rary access roads, work platforms, tracking pads and temporary and long term storage.

“GEOTERRA GTO mats, although different from our original GEOTERRA mats in their design, strength and connec-tion, are both made from high density polyethylene, so they offer a high strength-to-weight ratio,” explains Bill Handlos, director, Presto Geosystems.

That lighter weight compared to traditional heavier timber or HDPE mats equates to ease of handling, deployment and installation, as well as safety. The mats can be installed and moved on-site by hand without special or heavy handling equipment. The connection of GEOTERRA GTO mats with large poly bolts makes them fast to mobilize and demobilize and configure to a site’s layout.

“There are so many times, especially on smaller sites, where the hassle and cost to bring in larger mats, or even aggregate, just doesn’t make sense. This product fills that need very well and at far less cost,” says Handlos.


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