In addition to the typical street signs found in Boston, one now features the silhouette of the a Pokemon called Squirtle that reads “All firefighters are napping. In case of fire, please catch the nearest water Pokémon.”

No, these signs weren't placed by the city, but by 23-year-old Trevor O'Brian Jones.

The signs are one way people are integrating the augmented reality game Pokemon Go into the real world. One of O'Brian Jones goals in creating the signs was making people enjoy the world around them and not just the world created by the game:

There were really two things I wanted to accomplish with the project. First and foremost, I wanted to create something that would just brighten people’s day. I think that the Pokémon Go app does a great job of trying to blend the real and digital worlds, but I also think that some people get a little stuck in the digital space.

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