Color-coded buttons on the joystick match the four steps for a perfect patch. Preset amounts apply just the right emulsion and aggregate to maximize efficiency without wasting materials. The display keeps operators informed of where they are in the process along with emulsion level, and number of patches performed. Mounted to the operator’s seat are the Joystick and display. No other components are inside the cab providing excellent visibility and allows the operator to stay focused. The unique 3-section boom moves proportionally with the joystick and the nozzle angle can adjust to achieve the perfect patch.

The covered five-yard aggregate hopper with vibrator feeds the venturi via dual air operated slide gates. The hopper size allows two fills, for every one fill of the emulsion tank. The pressurized 300-gallon emulsion tank utilizes electric blanket overnight heating so you are ready to patch in the morning. Add the optional aggregate hopper heater for cold weather efficiency.

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group
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