The new mulcher for excavators UML/S/EX/VT is designed to fit perfectly into the category of the most commonly used excavators (20 to 25 t.), it combines the compactness of the UML/EX with the robustness of the UMM/EX. The details such as the bolted on counter-blades, the hydraulic opening system, fully integrated into the frame and the bolted on protection chains of the UML/S/EX/VT make it a top model of the Land Clearing product line.

The hydraulic motor with automatic variable torque (VT) also increases the efficiency allowing you to perform complex operations on the roadside, along riverbanks and on steep hillsides with nearly no effort while shredding trunks of a maximum diameter of 30 cm/12''.

Standard equipment: 110/60CC variable torque hydraulic motor, anti-cavitation valve, flow control system valve, hydraulic hood, double row of interchangeable counter blades.

Options: 160/110CC variable torque hydraulic motor, custom made attachment plate with pins, diverter valve, additional reinforced side plates, possibility to have the rotor equipped with tooth type C/3/HD, type K, blade C/3 or tooth type I.


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