Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment (CP) has launched a new generation of hydraulic compactors, designed with added features and options.

The new RC compactors feature higher performance, overload protection and less maintenance to help contractors get jobs done efficiently, and require no special installation.

The five new models include:
• RC 150 (carrier weight class: 2,200-6,600 pounds)
• RC 350 (carrier weight class: 6,600-17,600 pounds)
• RC 450 (carrier weight class: 8,800-19,800 pounds)
• RC 850 (carrier weight class: 19,800-44,000 pounds)
• RC 1050 (carrier weight class: 44,000-88,200 pounds)
Job applications for the hydraulic compactors include: slope, trench, and waste compaction; road repair; side development; and piling.

High Performance
The RC compactors’ high compaction frequency combined with high vibrating force speed up efficiency on most jobs, including slope compaction, solid rubber isolators provide excellent shock dampening of return vibrations.

Overload Protection and Maintenance
The integrated flow rate and pressure control ensures safety and saves time when using the compactors on different carriers. They also feature very low maintenance, the oil bath around the shaft bearing ensures continuous lubrication

New Options
The compactors offer new options, including a backfill blade kit and a rotation device as an add-on kit. The backfill blades save time by enabling the compactor to be used for pulling material into the trench, while continuous rotation makes positioning much easier and more efficient.

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