An attorney from the Milwaukee suburb of River Hills, Wis., was exiting northbound I-43 when he found himself stuck. It wasn't bumper-to-bumper traffic that held him in one place—it was the pavement itself.

Dennis Paul's 2004 Mercury Marquis (and at least four other vehicles) had to be towed out of the concrete slurry that evening in late October. Paul claims the construction site was at “a very confusing and poorly marked intersection,” and that the barriers blocking the site were woefully inadequate; the Mequon, Wis., police on the scene claim the area appeared to be marked just fine. Wisconsin DOT project manager Jeanne Marchant concedes the likelihood that a barrel or two may have been knocked over.

Whether the “oops” can be blamed on improper signage or careless motorists, one fact is clear: the incident will add up to $20,000 to the cost of repaving the 150-foot section of road.