Trailer-mounted combination asphalt reclaimer and pavement heater is the company’s most popular starter unit.

Infrared asphalt pavement repair doesn’t leave a seam where the repaired surface meets the old surface, so water and dirt can’t gather in the joints and ruin the repair. The infrared is created by premixed gas and air delivered under pressure by heavy-duty 24V blower motors to converters. Infrared doesn’t flame or alter the binding characteristics of asphalt.

The all-in-one Mini-Combo enables a two-person crew to make permanent repairs all year round. The dual-axle unit consists of a two-ton reclaimer and an 8-by-6-ft. infrared heating chamber. The reclaimer keeps new asphalt warm all day long and can also be used to heat and reclaim cold asphalt to a workable temperature. The infrared heating chamber is lowered over the asphalt surface and uses infrared light rays to heat the asphalt. Once heated, the asphalt can be raked around and luted.

Options include a compactor platform with electric winch, Time Delay System (TDS), 12-Volt lighting, and aluminum windguards.

Ray-Tech Infrared Corp

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