Tow this single-axle, Tier IV-compliant crack sealer with any half-ton pickup truck.

Crack sealing helps prevent the main cause of pavement failures like potholes: sub-base erosion. Available with or without a pump, the Magma 150 is designed specifically for street and road departments that support less than 50 miles and repair three to four lane miles a day.

Digital operation ensures smooth, even material flow no matter volume or sealing tip. The 150-gal.-material-capacity unit’s heating tank reduces heat loss by 45% and increases heat-up and recovery times by up to 20%. Add the optional AfterBurnr fume removal system to remove more than 90% of the smoke and odor associated with the crack sealing process.

Engine: 25 hp diesel. Heating rating: 250,000 BTU. Brake type: electric or surge. GVWR: 5,200 lbs.

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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