The KV 760
The KV 760
The KV 970/1260
The KV 970/1260

Husqvarna Construction Products’ launches two new cutting carts, the KV 760 and KV 970/1260 that are specially designed to fit Husqvarna gas power cutters. These carts make it easy to cut in straight or curved lines, close to walls or curbs.

The quick connections make it easy to install the cutter on the cart, which means operators are ready to start cutting within a matter of seconds. The depth limiter facilitates easy adjustment of the cutting depth.

The carts come standard with a 3.5 gal (13.3 liter) pressurized water tank and a 10 ft (3 m) hose that connects to the water nozzle on the blade guard. This new feature, together with the power cutters’ water-saving cutting system, allows hours of cutting with or without the cart.

Another feature on the carts is the lateral adjustment. The wheels can be moved to the left or right, allowing the machine to cut close to walls or curbs. The handle has also been redesigned with a soft insert, making it more comfortable to operate. The fuel cap has been relocated to the right side to make refueling more efficient. The cart also folds to facilitate transporting the cart as well as storing the cart.

The KV 760 fits the K 760 power cutter and the KV 970/1260 fits the K 970 or K 1260 power cutters.

Main Benefits
• Quick and easy installation - thanks to the quick connections the power cutter is easy to install

•Lateral Wheel Adjustment - wheels can be moved to either side to facilitate cutting close to walls and curbs

•Water-saving - 3.5 gal pressurized water tank and 10 ft. hose along with the power cutters’ water-saving wet cutting system allow for hours of cutting with our without the cart

• Easy transportation - the cutting cart is easy to fold to help transport and store the unit

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