Graffiti Removal

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    Conventional Wisdom Be Damned

    A data manager explains why experience trumps cheap labor during asset inventories.

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    Zero-Emissions Turf Control

    Natural mowing machines trim hard-to-reach territory.

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    Roadkill compost

    No one knows exactly how many Odocoileus virginianus, i.e., white-tailed deer; are killed by motorists each year, but suffice it to say it's tens of thousands. The extremely adaptable, extremely fecund species is found in all but three states.

  • Russians Eat Bambi!

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    Common Cause

    For four decades, graffitists (also called taggers, depending on what they're creating and the motive behind it) have used infrastructure as the canvas for showcasing their talents. It's art, they say; but the public calls it vandalism, and charges public works with managing the cycle of removal...

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    Ventures in Vegetation Management

    It pays to partner with universities and herbicide manufacturers.

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    Group Effort

    Using a geodatabase to accurately bill service connections.

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  • Street Lighting Innovations

    Technical advances ensure safety and dark sky compliance

  • It's All in the Hand

    Choosing a handheld computer for GIS data collection

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    Diy Gis

    A small department in a small town uses Microsoft Access and Google Earth to quickly and cheaply build a GIS database.

  • Counties Collect Conservation Honors

  • Bird Control

    Fourteen ways to (humanely) block, bedevil, and otherwise banish feathered pests.

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    Breaking down the barriers

    Three Southeastern communities morph street centerline projects into interdepartmental and, in some cases, intergovernmental asset management programs.

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    West Nile clampdown

    A technology-driven abatement program limits the spread of disease.

  • Graffiti Busters Get Tough on 6-year-old 'Criminal'

    The blight costs Big Apple businesses and government millions of dollars annually, but after a recent collar in Brooklyn, citizens and officials are wondering if the rules are too tough.

  • Understanding satellite-positioning technology

    This glossary sheds light on how unique Albuquerque's new GPS system—the first government-owned system with tri-constellation capability—is.

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    GPS on steroids

    Mesa del Sol is the first large-scale application of Albuquerque's Real Time Global Navigation Satellite System—GNSS—Network (ARTGN), the world's first government-owned, triple-constellation-capable, real-time GPS network.

  • Guerrilla gardeners produce green graffiti

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    Pinpoint accuracy

    Much like a mapping program that gives you the wrong driving directions, the privately owned Jacksonville (Fla.) Electric Authority was finding that many of its electric, water, and sewer services were incorrectly mapped.


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