• Editor's Note: A $1.26 billion project that’s part of the Asia-Pacific Gateway Program is the first outside the U.S. to achieve Greenroads certification.

    Greenroads Foundation is pleased to announce that the $1.26 billion CAD South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) Project, part of Canada and British Columbia’s multi-billion dollar Asia-Pacific Gateway Program, has become the first major project outside of the United States to achieve Greenroads Certification.

    SFPR is the first major highway project to complete Certification since the program's inception in 2011. It is also the first project to certify outside of the US, after successfully completing a Pilot Project in 2013.

    SFPR is also the first alternatively financed Greenroads project. The SFPR was designed, constructed and financed under a Public Private Partnership concession agreement between Partnerships BC (a British Columbia Crown corporation) and Fraser Transportation Group (FTG).

    We extend our warmest congratulations to the whole Project Team:

    Dragados Canada, Inc.

  • Ledcor CMI, Ltd.
  • BelPacific Excavating and Shoring Limited Partnership
  • Vancouver Pile Driving, Ltd.
  • Stantec

Thanks to SFPR, there are now 27.5 Greenroads centerline miles, 46 miles of bikable lanes, and 10 miles of sidewalks in 4 states and 2 countries!

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