PHCo’s electric Lo-Density Unitized Asphalt Storage Tank Heaters, Hot-oil Circulation Heaters, Drop-in Underground Tank Heaters and Rigid Tubular Drywell Distributor Truck Tank Heaters offer asphalt producers, contractors and municipalities 100% energy efficient heating.

This is because all of the energy is used to heat the product, with no heat or emissions exhausted into the air. Unlike fossil-fuel-fired heaters, which at best offer 80% to 85% efficiency when new and then drop in efficiency over time, electric heaters always provide 100% energy efficiency, even after many years or even decades of operation. They also are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, electric heaters may be interfaced and coordinated with other plant electrical equipment so that their load can be reduced to base rates, thus preventing increased demand charges or peak-use rates, ultimately lowering consumption cost.

The company’s low-watt density tank-heating systems maintain a decreased heater sheath temperature, reducing potential damage to liquid asphalt cement and emulsions, while keeping buildup/coking to a minimum in tanks and hot oil systems. This low-watt density heat also greatly extends heater life.

The drywell design of PHCo’s electric heaters allows service personnel to remove and perform minimal required maintenance on the heating elements without draining the tank that they are heating.

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