Construction Management

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    Gaining Control

    In 2001, overflows cost the Pima County Wastewater Management Department in Arizona more than $600,000. That same year, the department launched a multiyear program to install a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) flow-monitoring system powered in part by the sun and linked by remote...

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    Keep Operators Sharp

    A proactive and relatively inexpensive program can help protect your valuable institutional understanding, better prepare your next generation of staff, and continuously fine-tune your system operator training program.

  • Water, water everywhere...

    In Nevada, where water is scarce and growth is at an all-time high, municipal and regional water departments are fighting over who gets access to new water sources and how much they can drain.

  • Vegetation management excellence applauded

    One awards program recognizes vegetation management projects that go beyond the basics and show excellence in their planning and execution.

  • Virginia WTP breaks new ground

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    Stewardship solutions

    One important tool in the management of e-waste is product stewardship: a management strategy where whoever designs, produces, sells, or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing its environmental impact throughout all stages of its life cycle.

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    APWA Expo Preview: leadership and management

    A preview of APWA events related to leadership and management.

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    APWA Expo Preview: fleets and trucks

    A preview of APWA events related to fleets and trucks.

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    Risky business made less risky

    Public works agencies and construction managers must adopt a comprehensive, institutional approach to identifying and mitigating risks that may be less obvious but can disrupt projects nonetheless.

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    Setting the groundwork

    Regular care and maintenance of any landscape can have a profound, positive impact on its appearance. What separates effective grounds managers from the rest of the pack is how well they use the resources available to them.

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    Repair or replacement

    The key is understanding the asphalt life cycle and how roadways deteriorate. Combine this understanding with an effective pavement life-cycle management (PLCM) approach and roadway managers can save thousands, if not millions, in roadway repair or replacement costs.

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    High-tech systems monitor fuel use

    In these days of high fuel costs, it's important to know how well your fleet is doing with respect to fuel mileage and use. A good fuel management system can help you do that. You can identify vehicles that are not getting good fuel mileage, and you can use the mileage information to schedule...

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    EPA releases stormwater management model

  • PUBLIC WORKS News Briefs - June 2005

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    Open-ended truck specifying speeds process

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    Total project management

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    Pervious pavement naturally absorbent

    Pervious pavement is a design alternative that allows water to percolate through the pavement structure and into underlying soils—an achievement that directly conflicts with even lecture on traditional pavement design delivered in universities across the country.

  • EPA clarifies Lead and Copper Rule

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is providing states guidance to help clarify how the collection and management of lead and copper samples is conducted to comply with regulations on lead in drinking water.

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    Keeping costs manageable

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    How to hire a construction management firm

    Most consulting firms today offer “construction management services.” However, the interpretation of construction management and the services it entails greatly varies. According to the Construction Management Association of America, “construction management is a professional service that applies...


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