CP75 paver from Carlson
CP75 paver from Carlson

A 74 hp, Tier IV Interim Cummins C3.3 diesel engine is more fuel-efficient but just as powerful as previous engines.

Designed and built with easily replaceable components to facilitate maintenance, the CP75’s two-speed drive and self-tensioning tracks also enhance performance and reliability.

Horizontal sliding damper doors prevent damage from obstructions such as utility boxes; give operators 10 in. of ground clearance below the auger box; and, when closed, allow for widths from zero to 4 ft. A system long used in rear discharge asphalt trailers, the paver’s high-flow material conveyor uses dual heat- and oil-resistant rubberized belts fixed to chain-driven slats that efficiently transfers material to the augers without segregating the mix.

The intuitive screed-mounted controls, a feature that keeps them relative to the operator at all times, improves visibility while providing a platform that operators will find familiar and approachable. Mesh grating provides clear visibility of the auger box so operator can monitor material distribution; direct-connect cable steering provides comfortable control.

Machine weight: 16,500 lbs. Hopper capacity: 8 tons. Standard paving width: 8 to 13 ft.; with damper doors closed: 0 to 4 ft.

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