Color-Safe is an MMA based resin system used for area markings and anti-skid surfacing on either asphalt or concrete surfaces. Capable of full cure in a wide range of temperatures, Color-Safe is a cost effective and durable solution for color surfacing.

Color-Safe is typically used for demarcation of bicycle and pedestrian paths, bus lanes, stops and other specially designated areas. It can also be used as a surface coat to enhance skid-resistance on hazardous turns and other high accident areas on asphalt and concrete roadways.

Features and Advantages
• Variety of Standard and Custom Colors and Aggregate Sizes Available
• Durable Skid-Resistant Surface
• Alerts Drivers to Special-Use Traffic Lanes
• Excellent Color Retention
• Easy Application & Fast Cure
• Low Life Cycle Cost
• Strong Adhesion to Concrete & Asphalt Surfaces.
• Positive Demarcation
• Enhances Traffic Calming

Color-Safe can be used as an anti-skid surface or to demark:
• Bicycle Paths
• Bus Lanes and Stops
• School Zones
• Univerisity Campuses
• Emblems & Mascots
• Intersections
• Walking Paths
• Toll Lanes
• Speed Zones
• Turns and Curves
• Hazardous Road Areas

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