The PT240 pneumatic tire roller from CASE Construction Equipment is capable of reaching weights exceeding 52,000 pounds via ballasts to match compaction performance to the specific job/lift. The tire configuration (four in front, four in back) with two-inch tire overlap provides 78-inches of compaction width. The rubber-tired roller essentially “kneads” hot mix asphalt gently at the surface as it rolls across it. The result is greater asphalt density and fewer possibilities for voids that can lead to flaws/deterioration.

That ability to tailor the weight also helps improve productivity and reduce excessive traffic on the hot asphalt (which could lead to over compaction/deterioration). By ballasting the machine to heavier weights, the operator can complete compaction in fewer passes compared to performing a greater total number of passes with a lighter machine.

The PT240 also features and Iso-static front axle that allows each of the front tires to oscillate five degrees in either direction and move four inches up and down. This helps maintain contact with the ground at all times to minimize bridging and maximize compaction. It also features a standard automatic central tire inflation system that ensures consistent pressure to all eight tires and allows for easy adjustment of tire pressure to meet ground conditions and compaction needs.

The spacious cab features dual working stations that allows the operator to be positioned at either edge of the machine for maximum visibility to either side, and centralized controls are within reach of either seat. This includes the sprinkler flow selector, working lights, turn signals and emergency stop.

CASE Construction Equipment

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