Modjeski and Masters, a firm that designs, inspects, and rehabilitates all bridge types, was selected as a sub-consultant to Mark Thomas & Co. for the new Broadway Bridge connecting West Sacramento and Sacramento over the Sacramento River.

The cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento are partnering to complete the preliminary engineering and obtain the necessary project approvals under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the new Broadway Bridge. As a sub-consultant on this project, Modjeski & Masters will perform structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering design services for the new bridge.

“The new Broadway Bridge provides the opportunity for our team to continue the Modjeski and Masters tradition of designing great bridges,” said Mike Britt, President of Modjeski and Masters. “We are excited to work alongside Mark Thomas & Company to help provide the communities of West Sacramento and Sacramento an innovative bridge design to assist in the revitalization and investment efforts of the area, while meeting all environmental regulations.”

Planning for the bridge has already been under way for a decade, with a mutual acknowledgment between the two cities that additional connections across the Sacramento River were necessary. Currently in the Project Approval and Environmental Documentation (PA&ED) stage, the project closeout activities are scheduled for completion by August 2019.