President Obama's FY 2013 budget request includes a six-year, $476 billion transportation proposal funded (in part) by ending U.S. engagement in the Middle East. He's also threatened to veto a House budget proposal that funds surface transportation by expanding oil and gas drilling (see "Drilling for dollars"). We asked if you thought savings related to war efforts should be used to fund roads and bridges.


It's not savings; it's debt not yet created …

We've blown enough money in the Middle East to pave the U.S. We must take action soon, or we'll become a Third World country.

Fuel taxes should be used only for roads/bridges/transportation infrastructure. If not siphoned off, that revenue would be enough for our needs.

This just makes sense. We need the investment in infrastructure and this will create jobs.

Historically, roads and bridges were built with federal assistance. State and local governments cannot take on the task without federal funds.

The multiplier effect of transportation funding is far greater than if the same funds were used to fund tax breaks.

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