Design flexibility means FiberSPAN can work with any superstructure configuration and incorporate features like skews, curbs and drain scuppers. Non-slip surface decks are available in a range of sizes, shapes and depths as well as different strength and stiffness properties. Lighter weight means faster installation with reduced load on the support structure. Corrosion resistant resins and UV inhibitors ensure long life.

Connection options include supports at piers for a small superstructure or gussets that act as floor beams at diaphragms or trusses. Railing attaches directly to the FRP decking. Components are prefabricated for accelerated construction and lower installation costs. Functional features like a non-slip wear surface, drainage scuppers, grating, curbs, light posts and electrical boxes are added during fabrication. The sidewalk system consisting of stringers, deck and railing can weigh as little as 13 psf. Lower life cycle costs and zero maintenance make the system attractive.

Composite Advantage manufacturer’s large Fiber Reinforced Polymer composite parts up to 100 feet, for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments.

Composite Advantage

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