Protect asphalt pavement

RePlay restores and protects asphalt pavement by reversing oxidation and maintaining surface skid resistance. SBS polymers are added to strengthen the asphalt mix. In minutes, it penetrates from 0.75 to 1.25 in. into the surface, reducing moisture penetration, potholing, and other damage.

BioSpan Technologies Inc.
Booth 552

Agency software solutions

The company offers a broad range of software programs designed to help agencies manage and streamline operations. Officials can incorporate various modules to create customized systems tailored to their department's needs. Solutions include electronic plan submittal, forms management, meeting agenda automation, streaming video, and more.

SIRE Technologies
Booth 1660

Dry/liquid melt applicator

The Xzalt Precision Applicator distributes a 70/30 mix of dry/liquid melting material, reducing salt usage while accelerating ice melt with a mix that produces less material bounce and improves pavement adhesion. It can handle one to three lanes at once; application settings can be pre-programmed or adjusted from the comfort of the operator's cab. Further, the device can be adjusted to fit various fleet vehicles.

Highway Equipment Co.
Booth 841

Value engineering

This organization is devoted to the advancement and promotion of value engineering, a methodology that helps public works officials decrease project costs, improve performance, and increase quality. Members recently helped Phoenix, Ariz. officials use value engineering to streamline a parkway project; suggestions helped the city save construction, operation, and maintenance costs.

SAVE International
Booth 460

Crash trailer

The TTMA-100 trailer truck-mounted attenuator can be attached to salt/sand spreader trucks, refuse trucks, or nearly any vehicle in a public works fleet. It attaches quickly via a standard 8-ton pintle hitch; no modification to the towing vehicle is necessary. If a collision occurs, the company's tube-bursting design ensures the trailer frame absorbs the impact. The unit can be fitted with optional arrow board or variable-message sign boards.

Gregory Industries Inc.
Booth 1845

Improve sidewalk and pavement surfaces

The company is offering APWA Congress attendees free sidewalk and pavement analysis at its booth. Consultants will help public works officials eliminate sidewalk trip hazards, erase stripes without creating grooves, and prepare surfaces to improve pavement life. It offers a range of pavement removers and high-end cutters (SPS10 walk-behind unit is shown), with optional ride-on attachment.

Smith Manufacturing
Booth 331

Sanitary sewer pipe

Sanitite HP pipe — designed for gravity-flow sanitary sewer applications — comes in diameters from 12 in. to 30 in. The polypropylene resin product features dual-wall construction for increased pipe stiffness, meeting or exceeding industry strength standards. The design offers chemical resistance, strength, and excellent flow characteristics.

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.
Booth 237

Snow pushing equipment

The company's HD Plows are compatible with wheel loaders, backhoes, skid steers, tractors, and other equipment. The moldboard design features individual 32-in. sections with independent, spring-loaded trip edges for maximum responsiveness to road conditions and facilitating effective snow removal on uneven pavement. The non-fixed panels also resist damage better than one-piece moldboard plows.

Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products
Booth 225

Compact road striper

The AL120 skid-mount striper is small enough to slide into a pickup, ride on a trailer, or mount on a flatbed. Owners can use the machine with existing equipment to mark roads, parking lots, and other pavement assets.

EZ-Liner Industries
Booth 1313

Onsite asphalt recycling

BA Series asphalt recyclers turn existing pavement, chunks, or millings into usable hot mix for paving roads, parking lots, paths, and other projects. The machines' indirect heating method produces up to 10 tons per hour, helps conserve materials and costs, and eliminates the need for offsite asphalt plants. A variety of tow-behind models are available, ranging in capacities from 5 to 15 tons.

Bagela USA
Booth 1465

Municipal management software

Web-based Management Dashboard connects all of the company's applications to help public works leaders send accurate, relevant information to a desktop or laptop computer in real time. The modular product enables users to choose functions that best suit their organizations' needs and perform job costing, track service request locations, monitor project schedules, and more.

Booth 1338

Manage facilities efficiently

With the company's integrated Web-based facility management tools, public agencies can make the most of their buildings, ensuring maximum useful life and sustainability. The software enables tracking and management of facility maintenance, inventory control, energy use, and more, with a range of reporting capabilities and data sharing functions.

Facility Dude
Booth 646

Water-filled damming bags

EcoSandBags are natural jute bags filled with a water-absorbing resin. They take up no more storage space than a typical empty sand bag, but after being submerged for three to five minutes, offer the same flood-blocking protection. The bags can be filled onsite at the event - no need to prepare offsite and transport.

DamBag Inc.
Booth 450

Low-emissions asphalt recycling

Re-HEAT asphalt recycling is a sustainable, eco-friendly process that does not need an overlay. Because it eliminates milling machines, asphalt plants, trucking, and a tack coat, it enables public works departments to save labor, conserve costs, reduce carbon emissions, and eliminate dust.

Gallagher Asphalt Corp.
Booth 662

Fleet fuel control

PetroLink is a wireless system that helps managers keep tabs on their vehicles and fuel consumption. It maintains fuel supply security with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology; only properly tagged vehicles can dispense fuel. A transceiver and meter are mounted on the vehicle, and a wireless communication unit and nozzle antenna are placed on the fuel unit.

OPW Fuel Management Systems
Booth 1447

Asset management solutions

The company strives to provide work and asset management solutions and implementation to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Its Cartegraph Software helps public works departments implement web-based request services and CRM solutions; and manage facilities, bridges, sidewalks fleets, forestry, and parks assets.

Applied GeoLogics Inc.
Booth 1553

Green cleaner

GT Green Sheen 1870 environmentally friendly cleaner is designed to replace highly acidic or alkaline cleaners. The phosphate-free cleaner is suitable for use with high- or low-pressure spray systems to clean fleet vehicles. It also works on any other water-washable surface, including painted surfaces.

Galaxy Associates Inc.
Booth 1553

Prevent copper theft

Theft of copper from electrical wiring and other materials can be extremely costly for public works agencies. The company's high-security fasteners, protective covers, and other devices prevent loss of valuable copper to theft and vandalism.

Bryce Fastener Inc.
Booth 1507

Herbicide spraying equipment

Custom-made herbicide equipment is suitable for roadside maintenance and right-of-way application. Features include all-welded aluminum structures, poly nurse tanks with baffles and agitation, chemical injection systems, custom tool boxes with interior shelving, LED lighting and safety strobes, and adjustable booms.

Chemical Containers Inc.
Booth 1338

Shed light on jobsites

CPLT light towers incorporate metal halide lamps, which use less power and produce brighter light than similar products. Towers features four 1000-W lamps, metallic enclosure, wide service doors, mast that extends up to 30 ft., and 30-gal. fuel tank. The trailer has a 2-in. ball-tow hitch.

Chicago Pneumatic, div. of Atlas Copco.
Booth 214

Rugged tablet PC

The heavy-duty GD3015 tablet PC has all the functionality of a regular laptop computer, including Windows 7, embedded security, 10.4-in. screen, and 3G wireless network connectivity. Options include magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, GPS, and a camera. The unit stands up to rain, dirt, impact, and vibration.

General Dynamics Itronix
Booth 1548

Snow-tackling wheel loader

The versatile WL 30 articulated wheel loader handles warm-weather field work and snow removal in winter. Narrow enough to fit on sidewalks and other tight areas, the vehicle features a heated cab, adjustable seat, and controls designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Driving lights facilitate work at night or during limited-visibility weather. Attachments for snow removal and other purposes are available.

Wacker Neuson Corp.
Booth 1341

Fleet tracking solutions

Monitor fuel, vehicles, and driver behavior with the company's fleet management tools. The products are designed to prevent collisions from reckless driving, prevent fuel waste, and limit exposure to fraudulent insurance claims. An event recorder keeps track of data, which is transmitted via a secure cellular connection to the company's data center and immediately accessible by clients.

DriveCam Inc.
Booth 350

Hinged manhole hatches

A line of hinged hatches offers safe, secure infrastructure access. The hatches require less than 50 lbs. of lift to open, and a self-engaging safety bar prevents them from accidentally slamming shut. Options include custom badging for easy identification, custom bolts to secure the cover, and CAM LOCK security.

East Jordan Iron Works
Booth 808


Wing assembly for plow blades

The WL-301 Series wing assembly, designed for wheel loaders, is compatible with all of the company's snow plow models. The assembly offers 48-in. level benching height capacity, a push pole that extends 22 in. for long reach, a high degree of operator visibility, and replaceable/reversible cutting edge.

Craig Manufacturing Ltd.
Booth 1414

Aluminum dog-bag dispenser

The Header Pak junior aluminum bag dispenser holds the company's OXO-Biodegradable Dogipot pickup bags. Designed to be positioned in parks, near paths, and other locations frequented by canine owners, the dispenser gives agencies an environmentally friendly method to avoid and dispatch with unsightly, harmful pet waste.

Booth 322


Centrifugally cast concrete pipe

Centripipe centrifugally cast concrete pipe products are designed for structural lining of culverts, without digging. The liners resist abrasion, cost less than alternative treatments, and contain rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion of metal culverts. Products include Permacast PL-8000 mortar and ultra-high-strength Permacast PL-12000 flowable mortar.

AP/M Permaform
Booth 434

Fabric for durable, dry buildings

Super-strong HL-13 fabric from Fabrene is designed to have a long service life, impart buildings with sound-attenuating properties, and allow more natural light than competitive products. The material helps resist condensation and keeps buildings cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and drier year-round than metal-covered buildings.

Accu-Steel Inc.
Booth 523

Reversible snowplows

SnowDogg reversible snowplows are designed for municipal use. Their full-trip moldboards have adjustable compression springs, and the four-position attack angle is adjustable from 5 to 20 degrees. The plows feature 10-gauge, 304 stainless steel rolled moldboards with eight 1/2 x 3 1/2-in. ribs for added strength, and a 5/8 x 8-in. steel cutting edge.

Buyers Products Co.
Booth 1225

Manage right-of-way projects

Enterprise ROW Coordination is a suite of map-based, web-delivered software tools that lets users monitor and manage street construction and other projects occurring within the public right-of-way, including utility work, permitting, traffic and events. The result is smarter planning of street cuts, extended pavement life, and enhanced communication with constituents and public works personnel.

Envista Corp.
Booth 1260

Hillside mowing simplified

Aebi tractors are designed for mowing hillsides and other challenging sloped surfaces. The machines can mow 88-in. widths at speeds from 3 to 5 mph. They have motors up to 95 hp, dry-clutch PTOs at the front and rear, 25 mph top travel speeds, and air-conditioned cabins with self-leveling seats.

Contour Sierra
Booth 124

Work/asset management

The company's performance-based software solutions enable users to manage work, assets, and resources to control cost, optimize service, and maximize department performance. The tools help track work at all phases of a project; plan, budget, and schedule tasks; handle reporting; and facilitate customer service.

CitiTech Systems Inc.
Booth 1254

Concrete sidewalk leveling

The Big Sidewalk Sucker uses vacuum technology to quickly and efficiently remove uneven sections of concrete sidewalk, then replace them. The device helps avoid the cost and hassle of demolishing and repouring slabs, and matching surrounding concrete.

Custom Concrete Creations
Booth 555

Keep track of vehicles

The company's AVL solution permits public works fleet managers to track vehicles in real time. Through monitoring operations, managing routes, and ensuring compliance, users can conserve costs associated with misuse, and mitigate safety and security risks. The system works with a range of communications methods (including cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite and two-way radio) and databases for optimal flexibility. View data on desktop or laptop computers, web-based mobile, or both.

CompassCom Software
Booth 1442

Liquid ice fighter

MeltDown Apex liquid anti- and de-icer is designed to work at lower temperatures than competitive products. The magnesium chloride brine helps remove existing ice, and improves a public works crew's ability to combat snow and ice buildup during harsh winter conditions. Use as a stand-alone product, or blend with salt for faster melting and improved road traction.

EnviroTech Services Inc.
Booth 1502

Cash-in on excess inventory

Online auction services enable public agencies to sell surplus vehicles, assets, property, and equipment. The services make it easy and convenient for departments to get rid of excess inventory — such as the already-sold vehicle in this photo — and turn surplus into extra income.

GovDeals Inc.
Booth 1422

Pipe-cleaning nozzle

Bulldog recycling, rotating nozzles deliver 3,000 psi of pressure for cleaning sewer pipes - enough to clear out roots, blockages, and debris. The nozzles work with fresh and recycled water, are easy to handle, require little maintenance, and feature an oil-free braking system for reduced wear and tear.

Enz USA Inc.
Booth 303


Sidewalk tractor

The MSV articulating tractor is compact enough to handle snow removal, mowing, sweeping, and spreading jobs on sidewalks and other narrow areas. Its electronic control system includes on-board diagnostics and flexibility for functional reconfiguration in the field. Other features include a tilt cab, swing-out fuel tank, and easily removable panels and cowling that allow one operator to strip the body down for maintenance access within minutes.

M-B Companies Inc.
Booth 536

PW management software

The company's GIS-integrated asset management solutions are easy to implement, learn, and use. The software handles a wide range of projects (roads, bridges, stormwater, forestry, and more) and capabilities (including GIS mapping, asset tracking, reporting, and document sharing).

Booth 1352


Light your city with style

Lantern Post Top LED outdoor luminaires combine vintage styling with reduced energy consumption and sustainability. Various styles and finish colors make them suitable for city streets, parks, residential areas, and public squares. The electronic component module swings out when the access door is opened for easy servicing.

Holophane Outdoor Lighting
Booth 719

Protect underground infrastructure

The Lifespan system is designed to protect buried infrastructure by preventing manhole infiltration and inflow. The product features a water-tight, corrosion proof frame and adjustment risers, with a cast-iron, theft-resistant cover. It is durable enough to stand up to repeated freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic loads, corrosive environments, and other factors that threaten collection systems.

Hamilton Kent
Booth 1334

LED roadway light

RX1 LEDGINE LED luminaires provide energy savings and uniform, comfortable white light. The low-copper, die-cast aluminum housing has a cobra-head style and low profile, with wide angular fins that permit for easy removal of dirt and debris.

Philips Hadco
Booth 430

Mitigate environmental hazards

The company helps clients recover after disasters, and prevent losses resulting from future incidents. It acquires severely damaged structures and implements hazard mitigation measures, helping state and local agencies with funding assistance, workshops, homeowner relations, relocation assistance, and more. It also offers right-of-way land acquisition and relocation services.

THC Inc.
Booth 461

Pothole patching machine

The self-propelled Global Sweeping Python 5000 pothole patching machine is designed for high-quality repair of damaged pavement. Compatible with standard hot and cold asphalt mixes, the machine can patch most potholes in two minutes. A single operator works the machine from the comfort of the climate-controlled cab, helping save labor costs. The machine can travel between jobsites at normal highway speeds, so there is no need to transport it by trailer.

Global Sweeping Solutions Inc.
Booth 827

Monitor speed on side streets

The SafePace 100 radar sign is suitable for side streets and private roads. Weighing only about 20 lbs., it can be mounted in minutes. The low-power sign features ambient light sensing and automatic brightness control, and it powers down when no traffic is present. Optional battery choices offer up to 4 weeks of normal operation.

Traffic Logix
Booth 300

Dissolve and remove graffiti

Elephant Snot graffiti remover penetrates deeply to dissolve and loosen graffiti on porous surfaces, such as concrete, cement, and stone. In most cases, graffiti can be erased with water from a hose — no pressure washing required. The low-odor remover works quickly, in a wide range of temperatures.

Graffiti Solutions Inc.
Booth 1334

Skid-mounted marking machine

The company's compact, skid-mounted pavement marking machine uses a plural-component impingement spray system (epoxy, polyurea, methyl methacrylate/MMA) to mark lanes, crosswalks, stop-bars, and turn arrows. The unit can handle 2,000 linear ft. in one load when fitted with a pushcart, depending on line width and mil thickness. It is small enough to be mounted on smaller truck chassis for optimal mobility.

Mark Rite Lines Equipment Co. Inc.
Booth 1529

Erosion control systems

The firm offers a range of erosion control and earth management products. RIBS (rapid installation barrier system) bags, with a trapezoidal design, offer a safer, faster, stronger, and more effective alternative to conventional sandbags. The ScourStop system consists of semi-rigid transition mats used with sod and/or turf reinforcement mats to stop soil erosion. EcoTrans transition mats are 100% recycled plastic mats for lasting protection. The line also includes Barricage welded-wire gabions and Safe Slope natural-fiber products.

Landmark Earth Solutions
Booth 1345


Sign management

SimpleSigns and RoweMap software enable road managers to maintain a simple, detailed history of inventory, inspection, and maintenance of traffic signs. They work with the handheld Delta RetroSign GR3 device, which measures retroreflectivity and automatically captures and stores each sign's values, GPS location, and barcode tag data per FHWA requirements.

Booth 820

Reuse scrap tires

To date, members of the group have turned an estimated 40 million scrap tires into recycled asphalt. The material keeps tires from landfills and emits lower carbon emissions than conventional hot mix. The resulting pavement also reduces noise.

Rubber Pavements Association
Booth 619

Skidsteer loaders

The company has released a number of models in its C-Series line of wheeled and tracked skidsteer loaders. The vehicles' rated operating capacities range from 2,250 to 3,296 lbs., and engine power from 84 to 92 hp. Features include single loader arm design, side-opening cab, comfortable cab, and ergonomic controls.

Volvo Construction Equipment
Booth 1016

GPS fleet tracking

The company's web-based software tool provides real-time location, history, engine diagnostics, reporting and alert capabilities, routing, and messaging. Fleet managers can use desktop and laptop computers or mobile devices to monitor and control deployment and use of vehicles, helping conserve costs associated with fuel waste, dangerous driver behavior, theft, maintenance, and unnecessary vehicle usage. The intuitive interface requires little or no training.

GPS Insight
Booth 1318

Keep dump trucks covered

The Arm-Matic tarp system, with an aluminum flip arm, works on dump bodies, belly dumps, and end dump trailers up to 37 ft. long. The extruded, single-piece arms and windshield are anodized to improve wear resistance and corrosion protection. The company offers 4-spring and 5-spring side mount configurations, and three different underbody spring configurations.

Booth 756

Custom steel/fabric buildings

Rigid-frame, fabric-covered buildings — suitable for sheltering sand and salt, heavy equipment and other public works assets — can be built to customers' specifications. The metal comes with multiple coating options, including red oxide primer, powder-coat paint, and hot-dip galvanizing. The structures can be insulated to meet energy codes, fitted with sprinklers, and accommodate side doors.

Legacy Building Solutions
Booth 647

Buyer/supplier alliance

The group is a municipal organization established to foster relationships between buyers and suppliers. Offering the opportunity to purchase through leveraged, competitively bid contracts from approximately 100 vendors, the agency saves public works professionals time and money on items from smaller landscaping equipment to large sewer vacuum trucks.

National Joint Powers Alliance
Booth 526

A vehicle for all seasons

The versatile SW 4S utility vehicle handles a broad range of tasks year-round. It can be converted from tracks to wheels, and has an enclosed, insulated cab (air conditioning is optional). Choose winter-weather attachments, such as snow blades, blowers, pushers, and spreaders; or warmer-weather attachments including angle brooms, rakes, tillers, and mowers.

Prinoth Ltd.
Booth 608

Flashlight/DVR unit

The SV-1500 combines a flashlight, handheld video recorder, and still-photo camera. Use the device to record up to 8 GB of images and video to a memory card and access it via USB cable connected to a desktop computer. The device's 17 infrared LEDs let users capture clear photos even in low-light conditions.

Safety Vision LLC
Booth 329

Stable channelizer base

With a hexagonal shape, the Eco-30 base prevents channelizers from rolling and provides a high degree of stability. Made of 100% recycled tires, the stackable base has two handles for simple transportation and installation.

Booth 241

Litter vacuum vehicle

The Madvac LR50 all-wheel drive outdoor litter vacuum is a compact ride-on unit suitable for collecting debris from sidewalks, walkways, public markets, and other areas with high-volume pedestrian traffic. Features include a robotic vacuum arm with 270-degree mobility, joystick controls, roll-over protection, and choice between a collection system that uses off-the-shelf garbage bags or a reusable collector bag.

Exprolink Inc.
Booth 1630

Seal manholes and catch basins

Flex-Seal offers a permanent, affordable way to seal the grade adjustment ring area and joint sections in manholes and catch basins from the inside. The urethane material comes in a kit, which can be applied easily by company-certified installers.

Sealing Systems Inc.
Booth 613

Keep your footing

Due North traction aids assist public works crews working outdoors in snowy, icy, or otherwise slippery conditions. The top webbing provides a comfortable, secure fit on a variety of footwear. A thick heel strap grips and keeps the devices in place, and six tungsten carbide spikes provide traction.

Sure Foot Corp.
Booth 431

Manhole cutting attachment

Pro-Cutter offers a fast, safe, effective way to cut pavement around a manhole. The circular cutting attachment works with carbide and diamond bits for maximum versatility in roadway projects involving asphalt or reinforced concrete. The device eliminates square cuts, which can lead to future roadway failures.

Cretex Specialty Products
Booth 1460

Comprehensive field services

The company offers a range of road-related services, including pavement marking, snow removal, and material handling. They enable PW professionals to handle projects without investing in expensive equipment or hiring additional staff.

Integrated Resource Systems Inc.
Booth 1365

Tough rubber snow blade

Resolute Rubber snow blades are highly durable, yet suitable for sensitive surfaces such as pavers and decorative concrete; they also protect curbs, seals, and parking lot lines. Also, the rubber blade offers more quiet performance than metal blades. The products are available in 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-ft. lengths. Custom sizes also are offered.

OTR Recycling Corp.
Booth 336