Bergkamp Inc., based in Salina, KS, offers the new InPave System as an option on its proven Flameless Pothole Patcher to help government agencies and contractors better monitor and manage pothole patching performance. Multiple data reporting sensors are strategically placed throughout the patcher that monitor production, performance and locations of your pothole patcher and crew. As potholes are repaired, the data is automatically gathered by the InPave System and transmitted back to the office. Data includes quantity of potholes repaired; location, time and material used for each repair; and material levels and temperatures. Retrieved from any computer with reliable internet access, the data can then be turned into easy-to-read reports that assist managers and owners in evaluating current and historic production to verify patching performance and material usage, troubleshoot pothole problems and help reduce inefficiencies. By analyzing this data, agencies and contractors can also modify their pavement management plans to maximize road quality and budget use. There is no software to download, and the InPave System data can be downloaded into multiple file types for uploading into pavement management systems.