Dynapac F1200C asphalt paver
Dynapac F1200C asphalt paver

Atlas Copco’s compact Dynapac F1200C asphalt paver excels on a wide range of paving projects — from cycle paths, sidewalks, repair work, parking garages and sports fields.

The conveyor’s 6-inch-wide chain box ensures continuous, uniform material flow to the center of the screed. The paver’s center line drive auger includes 13-inch diameter flights to eliminate centerline segregation by providing optimal material flow. Its divided conveyor with its single drive system makes it possible to guide the material to either the left or right side of the screed for asymmetrical paving.

Choose between a Vibration or a Tamper & Vibration screed that are either electrically or gas heated for precise, easy operation. The gas-heated screed reduces costs, accelerates heat-up time and features a gas bottle holder making it easier to change the small bottles from the side for easy transport. The electric-heated screed offers contractors a quick setup since it heats quickly due to its high capacity generator.

Atlas Copco designed the F1200C to achieve optimum pre-compaction and has included hydraulic motors for the tamper and vibration in the basic and hydraulic extendable screed sections. The unit’s paving width ranges from 4 feet to 8 feet, and with screed extensions, it can achieve a 10-foot paving width and pave up to 10 inches thick. The F1200C is less than 15 feet long and about 7 feet wide, and tall making it easy for paving in narrow areas, and with minimal overhead clearance, such as parking ramps.

Atlas Copco arranged the paver’s toggle switches according to function group and operational frequency, so operators can focus on paving and their surroundings. With simple control navigation, operators can ensure they drive in a straight line and improve safety onsite. Regularly used functions, such as hopper, screed and joystick controls, are close to the driver for easy access.

Atlas Copco.

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