The annual World of Concrete show—coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center January 21–25—boasts a wide range of educational seminars, demonstrations, and contests. Owned by the same company that publishes PUBLIC WORKS magazine, the show packs a plethora of time- and money-saving items into nearly 1 million square feet of exhibit space.

The stars of the show are the products. Thousands of industry vendors will show off their equipment, tools, materials, software, and other gear. In the Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest, attendees and online visitors get to choose which products among the thousands of new releases deserve to be called the best of the best.

The editors of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, MASONRY CONSTRUCTION, THE CONCRETE PRODUCER, and CONCRETE & MASONRY CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS, all sister publications to PUBLIC WORKS, have joined forces to gather products that comprise the most forward-thinking materials, tools, and equipment on the market. The complete list of nominated products will be on display in the central lobby of the Convention Center during the show, or you can see the complete list and vote online at Three lucky voters will win an iPod.

The following products are just some of the items in the running. For more information about the MIP contest, or World of Concrete, visit

Luminescent coating for concrete surfaces

Lumicrete is a light-emitting safety coating for concrete surfaces, available in green and blue shades. The coating includes nontoxic, nonhazardous waterborne polymers of the acrylic family. It exhibits exceptional UV resistance and superb light transparency. The product has excellent flexibility and hardness that resists cracking or scratching when applied to rigid or nonrigid surfaces. It is designed to be applied by a spray gun, brush, or roller for maximum versatility. Kwik Kerb.

Sidewalk grading

The SGS features Topcon machine control technology and advanced grading controls that allow the operator to complete the most accurate grade in the industry. Forms can be set directly on it, reducing labor costs by more than 50%. Using the curb as a reference, the excavator moves along the road with the blade grading behind the curb, without causing damage to utilities or curbs. The Topcon controls the blade to within ¼ inch of the desired grade, and no surveying is required. Sidewalk Grading Systems.

Compactor control

Compatrol-MSM is a continuous compaction control system designed specifically for reversible plate soil compactors. It incorporates eight machine and service management functions into a compaction control panel. In addition to indicating to the operator the compaction level achieved, relevant engine and machine functions (including air filter restriction) and vibrator frequency are monitored, increasing longevity of the asset and improving service capabilities. Weber Machine.

Concrete mixing bag

The reusable concrete mixing bag offers an easy, no-mess way to mix and pour ready-mixed concrete. It eliminates the need for a wheelbarrow, bucket, mortar box, or hoe for mixing concrete. It also offers an easy, no-cleanup method for mixing concrete and mortar. The reusable receptacle can save up to 70% of the energy, effort, and time required for the mixing, pouring, and cleanup in every ready-mixed concrete project. The Cement Solution Co.

Protective work apparel

Core Performance Work Wear is specifically designed for skilled tradespeople exposed to extreme weather, excessive UV exposure, and reduced conspicuity on the jobsite. The line of apparel optimizes worker comfort, performance, and productivity in any season or temperature. Advanced materials and treatments help workers manage moisture, control temperature, increase visibility, reduce UV exposure, and impede bacterial growth. Ergodyne.

Concrete repair

Applied in a two step process, Emecole low-pressure crack injection products seal concrete cracks, including foundations, without having to excavate or disturb the landscape. The epoxy surface seal paste is applied first. Once the epoxy is cured, a liquid polyurethane or epoxy is pumped in through injection ports, filling the inside crack and sealing it. Emecole Inc.