Vacuum excavation

The VSK100G/D is a compact unit suitable for potholing, soil excavation, and other wet/dry vacuum applications. The unit fits into any half-ton pickup truck and is easily transported. Powered by a 24-hp gasoline engine (a liquid-cooled, 30-hp diesel engine is available), the small but powerful machine generates airs velocities up to 120 mph. A 2.6-gallon-per-minute water pump can be used for digging either with the water lance or the reduction tool. In addition, the air filtration system makes it ideal for a range of dry-vacuum applications. McLaughlin Boring Systems.

Hydrant marker

The TreyTag marker is a highly visible out-of-service marker for use on inoperable fire hydrants. The product's unique angled sides provide visibility from several yards away, which enables emergency vehicles and public works personnel to spot out-of-service hydrants from a significant distance. Each marker is constructed of sturdy plastic styrene and is extremely impact resistant. Custom-printed markers can be ordered. Assured Flow Sales Inc.

Stormwater separation system

This separation system is constructed from virgin-grade high-density polyethylene. The product meets regulation for non-point source control. It uses gravity flow and density differences to remove free oils, suspended sediments, and floatables (trash and other debris) from stormwater runoff. Because the system is installed underground, it uses less valuable acreage than other types of BMPs. Its use of easy-to-maintain standard manholes, and its ability to match the treatment flow rate and path to the incoming flow rate, make it highly effective. BaySaver Technologies Inc.

Compactor attachment

The Rammax RAV series boom-mounted compactors generate centrifugal forces up to 24,750 pounds and are suitable for a range of applications, including slope and hillside compaction, structure backfill, pipeline construction, and work in confined spaces. Two versions are available: the RAV-700P, for use on excavators weighing 7 to 20 tons, and the RAV-1000P, suitable for excavators in the 18 to 40 ton range. A mini-excavator version soon will be offered. Multiquip Inc.

Breakaway sign support

Omnidirectional Break-Safe sign supports are safer and more effective than conventional slip-base supports, which require periodic maintenance to keep the necessary torque values for wind and road vibration. If overtightened, slip-base supports might not allow the sign to give way upon impact. By contrast, these omnidirectional supports do not rely on specific torque and will not loosen over time. No maintenance is required until the sign is impacted by a vehicle. Transpo Industries Inc.

GPS receiver

The GPS Pathfinder ProXH is an integrated receiver, antenna, and battery in a compact, lightweight unit. It uses Bluetooth technology for cable-free communication to a field computer, and the company's H-Star technology provides high positioning accuracy. It can deliver subfoot accuracy rapidly and reliably with minimal technical overhead. It is suitable for high-accuracy mapping, data collection, asset management, construction, and engineering applications. The product is effective, fast, and easy to use. Trimble.

Straw blower

The SB3500 Goossen straw blower and bale mulcher offers fast, even, high-capacity mulching and can be run with only two operators. Users can mulch as many as eight bales per minute, with 360 degree operation. Features include a 31-hp Vanguard gas engine with electric start, heavy-duty #80 chain flails, quiet operation, and easy access to the blower and all drive system. In addition, the unit has automatic belt tensioning, with no gearboxes. Options include a high-density poly blower liner and a two-wheel, 6x10-foot trailer. Harper Industries Inc.

Compact cavity pumps

The 300 Series non-motorized pumps are cost-effective, compact-sized units. The general utility, progressing cavity units—also available in motorized versions—are dependable and long-lasting, and they can handle a wide variety of fluids, including viscous, corrosive materials. Each features a fully molded “wobble” stator; the design increases the compression fit during operation between the rotor and stator, increasing performance. The pumps offer capacities to 15 gallons per minute, pressures to 150 psi, and fluid temperatures to 210° F. Moyno Inc.

Fleet maintenance module

Pub Works management software for public works personnel now includes a fleet maintenance module. The product gives users the capability to track capital, operational, and maintenance costs. It also provides for project estimating, work-maintenance history, resident service requests, and GASB 34 reporting. The module enables small- to mid-sized agencies to integrate road/bridge maintenance and cost accounting with fleet/vehicle maintenance. In addition, the easy-to-use interface makes it simple to operate. Tracker Software Corp.