Options for vacuum/sewer jetters

The combination vacuum/sewer jetter design gives municipalities a lower cost, a portable system for sewer lines, and duct cleaning. The J12-30 sewer jetting system delivers 12 gallons per minute at 3000 psi and can be added to any vacuum system 250 gallons or larger. The J25-25 system delivers 25 gallons per minute at 2500 psi and is designed for cleaning pipes up to 24 inches in diameter. The unit can be added to vacuum units 500 gallons or larger. McLaughlin Group Inc. www.pwmag.com/05oct21.

Manhole cutter

The SKF 950 XL manhole cutter is designed to replace hours of manual labor associated with jackhammer use, with a clean cut that takes three minutes. The hydraulically powered attachment fits on most skidsteers. To use, lay a circular template over the manhole cover and spray paint around its outer edge. Position the cutter over the center and press it firmly into place, then begin grinding. The product is suitable for use in new construction or for surface repaying and repair. Stehr Bauhmaschinen GmbH. www.pwmag.com/05oct22.

Membrane pre-filtration screen scanner

This screen scanner addresses the need for membrane pre-filtration for surface water and a sand separator alternative for well-water filtration. The technology is used with TAF, SAF, EBS, and Scan-away filters, giving a more flexible, efficient solution. The scanner technology is a pre-filtration, protection solution that avoids the risk of damage from large particles fouling the membranes. Amiad Filtration Systems. www.pwmag.com/05oct23.

Long-lasting curb markers

Storm Drain Markers are 3-D embossed and made from a choice of stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or anodized aluminum. The markers say “Call before you dig” and they will help protect against damaging buried utilities by permanently communicating the location and the kind of utility beforehand. They can be color-coded for different services. A 2¼-inch size is available for small spaces. Installation is by adhesive, a mechanical fastener, or the sub-surface thief-resistant mounting method. Almetek Industries Inc. www.pwmag.com/05oct24.

Gearbox refurbishing program

Off-the-shelf, refurbished gear boxes can replace units that require frequent maintenance, experience excessive downtime, or are in need of replacement to improve efficiency. The product keeps overall process costs at a minimum by eliminating frequent maintenance and downtime. Sizes 10 to 12 are available in the refurbished gearboxes. Other features include 48-hour delivery on HT gearbox sizes 1 to 9 and credit toward a refurbished gearbox upon return of any existing gearbox. Chemineer Inc. www.pwmag.com/05oct25.