Peristaltic metering pump

This brushless, digital peristaltic metering pump is encased in sealed, chemical-resistant housing, making it suitable for a range of water-treatment process environments, including those using sodium hypochlorite. The design eliminates the vapor-lock problems associated with other designs. Also, the motor offers various remote-control capabilities, making it easy to integrate into current automated processes. Flow range is 4.7 to 269 gallons per hour, depending on motor rpm and tubing size. Other features include a bright LED display and sealed programming keypad. The Barnant Co.

High-volume, low-pressure pumps

Adony mechanically actuated metering pumps offer +\-1.5% flows up to 590 gallons per hour and pressures to 145 psig. The high-volume, low-pressure design makes the units well suited for water and wastewater treatment. The diaphragm's molded composite construction ensures long life. In addition, the convenient suction and discharge ball check valve cartridge assemblies simplify maintenance. Nikkiso Pumps America Inc.

Grinder pump

The Omnivore 2-hp grinder pump provides more than 300,000 cuts per minute and aggressively shreds difficult solids into fine slurry. Its unique open-volute design eliminates the cutwater, improving solids flow and reducing the potential for jamming. Other features include a single-piece cast-iron body, quick-disconnect power cord, stainless-steel impeller, and dual shaft seals. Capacitors are integral to the pump, eliminating the need for a control panel. Complete, pre-assembled grinder systems are available. Liberty Pumps.

Packaged pump systems

The company offers bundled pumping systems with variable frequency drive controls. The line includes 4- to 24-inch turbine and submersible pumps, jets, centrifugals, and other configurations, with capacities of up to 12.500 gallons per minute, heads up to 1400 feet, and power up to 1000 hp. Other available features include potable water booster systems, constant speed pressure control, SCADA monitoring capability, and independent station monitoring and data storage. National Pump Co. LLC.

Square-link snow chains

All-Square snow chains feature a sturdy, square-link construction that provides a high degree of endurance and traction under severe conditions. The chains are made of a high alloy content with Titan-Grip steel, which feature a hardness similar to that of tool steel. The product outlasts and performs better than standard, carbon-steel twist link and V-bar twist link chains. A variety of sizes are available for use on pickups, trucks, vans, and a range of service vehicles. Pewag Inc.

Stainless-steel tanks

The company offers a method for onsite construction of circular, stainless-steel storage tanks, reservoirs, and silos. Steel coils are shipped directly from the mill to the site. The top and bottom longitudinal edges are bent to reduce bulging and increase strength of the structure. The structure is formed, welded, and installed onsite in about a week. The process saves money on construction and shipping, and is safer compared to shop-formed structures. The tanks can be built inside buildings or in confined spaces and are suitable for water and waste-water applications. VK Tanks & Silos Inc.

Gas shutoff system

The Hexacon Model II control system quickly closes as many as six of the company's Eclipse actuators on toxic gas cylinder and ton-container valves when activated by panic buttons or remote sensors. The product applies 30 foot-pounds of torque for test closures and 50 foot-pounds for emergency closing of the cylinder valve. Operators can receive status codes to rapidly analyze problems and take appropriate corrective action. Halogen Valve Systems.

Aerial platform and crane

The L60 aerial work platform and crane offers continuous rotation and turret-mounted lower controls (for better line-of-sight, in-crane operation). The self-leveling platform has a working height of 62 feet, and the crane has a capacity of 5900 pounds. The machine includes a range of features designed to make it easier to use, maintain, and service. Options include a platform-mounted electrical outlet, hydraulic tool circuit, material-handling jib winch, and sign/glass face handling brackets. Elliott Equipment Co.

Ultrafiltration systems

These ultrafiltration (UF) systems use hollow-fiber membranes, which have two modes: production, in which feed is forced through to make the product; and backwash, where some filtrate is forced back through the membranes to remove any solids. The products are suitable for production of potable water, pretreatment for seawater reverse-osmosis systems, and water reuse applications. The UF systems are effective in treating surface water for Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and viruses. GE Infrastructure, Water & Process Technologies.

Ice prevention overlay

SafeLane anti-icing pavement overlay is designed to help maintain roads, bridges, parking ramps, or any ice-prone surface. When liquid deicer is applied to a combination of epoxy and aggregate, it is stored inside and automatically released when needed. The method protects bridge decks and roadways against frost and ice formations without having to send out work crews. The protective epoxy in the product reduces the effects of chloride and water intrusion, primary catalysts for bridge structure oxidation. Cargill.