Web Extra: Anti-graffiti ivy

Most cities have a problem with graffiti in at least one location — bridges, underpasses, and electrical boxes are popular targets. After seeing this phenomenon on his industrial buildings, in 2008 Ivy-It founder Sergio Martinez came up with a solution. For more about Ivy-It, visit www.ivy-it.com, email info@ivy-it.com, or call 909-447-0469

Ivy-It can be placed on walls, fences, and most other places where graffiti is possible.

It can also be used for decorative purposes.

The use of Ivy-It does not interfere with functionality.

The City of Anaheim, Calif., uses the fake vines to protect poles on the city’s sidewalks.

Anaheim has seen a return on investment within months.

Anaheim has used the product for three years.

Traffic boxes are a common target for graffiti taggers.

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