Wastewater treatment plant expansion is part of the town's job growth plan.

New curtains in the aeration basin increase detention time and changing the flow pattern as well as adding additional floating aerators and mixers.

Two new clarifiers and a new return activated sludge pump building are part of a $7 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade that’s expected to begin serving rural South Carolina residents this month.

The plant’s two original static bar screens were replaced with six new ones.

Exerior view of the new tertiary filter.

This is the plant effluent at the outfall.

The existing chlorine contact chamber was retrofitted with blowers to raise the effluent D.O.

This is effluent on the tertiary filter.

Generator Switch Gear

The upgrade included the installation of a mixed liquor pump station inside the aeration basin without taking it offline; this was done by installing a temporary port-a-dam.

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