Virginia’s ‘Waste Line Express’ continues to deliver

Residents may receive a full pickup truckload — 3 to 4 cubic yards — of processed mulch for free, provided the filled bed is covered before leaving the transfer station.

Roanoke Valley Resource Authority Operations Manager Steve Barger switched from a tub grinder to a horizontal grinder for mulching for safety reasons: “Horizontal grinders don’t have a knuckle-boom loader to feed the machine.” This, however, required buying an excavator with a knuckleboom loader to feed the grinder. “Wood waste takes its toll on equipment, but the DX190W is extremely durable. I also continually hear how operators enjoy running them and how easy they are to perform daily, general maintenance.”

To watch a seven-minute video on how the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority and Norfolk Southern Corp. collaborate to move up to 700 tons of municipal solid waste every day, go to

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