Victory Memorial Drive

The 1921 bronze plaques were restored and fitted into the new granite monuments. 

A white stripe on the flag plaza reads “The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.” That’s a reference to Armistices Day, the official end of World War I that’s known today as Veterans Day. 

The negative spaces of the balustrade’s spindles form doughboy solider faces. 

The new and improved flag monument standing 80 feet tall was refurbished with Lake Superior green granite, quarried in Isabella, Minn., which is also a material that is native to Minnesota.

A total of  568 men and women from Hennepin County perished during WWI. The drive’s gateways mark their sacrifice.   

Over the years the vibrancy of Victory Memorial Drive’s red granite monuments started to diminish. That’s when the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board began considering a renovation.

Sheehy Construction crews installing the new, three-ton flag monument. The original was built in 1958.

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