Vibrating away stubborn material

The problem: Gravel, rock salt, and dirt sticking to the bed of plow-equipped dump trucks required Manlius Township, Ill., drivers to exit their cab to manually dislodge material. This exposes drivers to risks like slip-and-falls and sudden offloading via unexpected loosening of debris underfoot. Besides potential liability and injury issues, the method takes 30 minutes to an hour per load.

The vibrator was mounted in the front of the truck’s cargo box, near the cab. It’s bolted securely to the frame, transmitting 3,200 pounds of force directly to the bed to dislodge wet, sticky, fibrous, or frozen material. “I’ve been around dump trucks with vibrators most of my life, and I’ve never seen anything shake like that,” says road commissioner Rob Allen.

The solution: a side-by-side comparison of a 12V Cougar DC-3200 truck vibrator, made by Illinois-based Martin Engineering with a competitor’s unit. After one year of use, the vibrators have significantly made the township more efficient. Faster offloading due to more rapid and complete material evacuation has added four to five cargo runs per day and more control over cargo distribution, resulting in less strain on equipment and improved worker safety. The township expects longer equipment life, greater efficiency, and increased safety for employees and motorists.

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