Treatment On A Trailer

A trailer-mounted water purification solution using powdered activated carbon (PAC), TransPAC houses a split-frame bulk bag discharger, two flexible screw conveyors, a control panel, and an ejector. The mobile dosing system requires three connections: to an electric power supply, municipal water stream, and an external water supply.

Transvac Systems Ltd., a Derbyshire, England, company that’s made ejectors for various industries since 1973, supplied the mobile dosing system referred to in this article. The compay forklifts a 6-foot-high bulk bag discharger with 1,100 pounds of powdered activated carbon (PAC) onto a stationary frame and delivers the container to the customer. Set-up takes less than a day.

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is smaller than granular activated carbon (GAC). Potential treatment plant worker respiratory issues are minimized by dust-tight connections at both ends of the flexible screw conveyors.

The ejector mixes and doses the slurry of powdered activated carbon (PAC) into the water stream. There’s no waste because PAC dosage is automatically determined by site water flow.

A standard shipping container is a pretty tight space. A 16.5-foot flexible screw conveyor (left) from the bulk bag discharger moves the carbon powder to the surge hopper. A second 12-foot flexible screw conveyor moves the powder to the ejector’s intake (right).

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