Tossing the tube

More than 1400 vehicles came to the E-Day Event in Leon County, Fla. Nearly 200 vehicles per hour dropped off e-waste.

Anchorage, Alaska's, first e-waste collection event coordinated by a local nonprofit group, Green Star, was a success. Currently, the municipality is working with the local nonprofits to strategize and evaluate the future needs of the community.

Does your city collect electronic waste? Most municipalities don't collect e-waste today, and 34% don't plan to add it in the future. Risk management is one big hurdle for municipalities, since the city must acquire permits, set standard operating procedures, and meet regulations.

What kind of e-waste do you collect? Computer equipment tops the list of e-waste products that survey respondents collect. Municipalities should carefully select their private e-waste hauler, as some companies may purchase materials and then sell it to an unknown source.

How does your city collect e-waste? Along with the above options, other answers included pickup by the city and private waste haulers. The cost of e-waste materials depends on volume collected and geography.


Maine is leading the charge with the first law that requires manufacturers, consumers, and government to share responsibility for the recycling of e-waste generated by households in Maine. This solid waste collector in Portland, Maine, picks up recyclables.

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